Pay off your home loan sooner

You probably know that making extra home loan repayments makes good financial sense.
But do you know how much of a difference extra repayments can really make?
Let’s take a look at an example:
$500,000 home loan at 5% p.a over 30 years.
Assuming interest rates stay the same, if you pay just $100 extra per fortnight, you will shave
approximately four years off the length of your home loan and you may also save a
considerable amount in interest!

Please note: this example is provided for illustrative purposes only. Differing loan amounts, terms
and additional repayment amounts will produce a different outcome.
That will not only get you mortgage-free faster, its money you could happily spend on
something else — like enjoying your lifestyle!

Tips for getting mortgage-free faster.
– Increase the size of your regular repayments as much as possible
– Change your repayments from monthly to fortnightly, or even weekly
– Make extra repayments whenever you can
– Switch to a home loan with a lower interest rate and lower annual fees.
Ask me about home-brand loan products.
As a Connective broker, I can access loans from Australia’s leading lenders, as well as
exclusive home-brand products. These home-brand loan options include Connective Home
Loans Essentials and Connective Home Loans Smart Options. They provide a choice of
quality, competitive loans for almost every kind of home-buyer. You will find they are:
– Straightforward — you only pay for what you need without the frills.
– Competitive — may help you save on fees and interest.
– Simple — manage your loan online or over the phone and get easy access your to
funds via ATM and EFTPOS.
Remember, I’m here to use my knowledge and experience to help you find a financial
solution that not only suits your needs, but also helps you reach your financial goals faster.
Contact me today and I’ll be happy to help you bring your plans to life.

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